Sterling Capital Group
Sterling Capital Group (SCG), through their Development Equity Partnership Program (DEPP) is helping to forge a new future by financially empowering developers to build tomorrows projects today.
SCG is well positioned to meet the ever increasing demand for equity capital in the Romanian real estate market. The Sterling Capital Group Development Equity Partnership Program includes the four elements considered key to any successful investment program of this kind.

The Right Partners
In conjunction with our primary debt financing partners, SCG participates with experienced investors and developers who have proven track records and the financial strength to successfully meet their obligations.

The Right Projects
Each project and developer is subject to a stringent underwriting and due diligence process to maximize the security of capital and secure the return on investment.
The long term viability of a proposed project is evaluated using a variety of evaluation criteria including multi-year operating performas, development and cost estimates, third party lease and sales comparables, financing commitments, and exit strategies.

The Right Time
Romanian real estate is now becoming the focus of many international developers, construction companies and banks. The main reasons include, the establishment of real estate and consumer lending, the finalization of title and land repatriation issues, the stability of the Romanian Government, and its commitment to catch-up with Central European Countries in advance of EU membership in 2007. As a result, Romania’s economic performance is noticeably improving.

The enlargement of the European Union (EU) presents exciting opportunities for countries such as Romania. Gaining full EU membership will give Romania greater political stability and a more robust economy. Once Romania becomes a member state, property prices nationwide will enjoy an even greater upward trend as EU membership brings greater economic stability.

The Right Place
The Romanian real estate development industry is only in its infancy primarily due to the fact that traditional debt financing, clear title, and western style legal protections have only recently come into being. Previously, development had been slowed by the high cost of domestic credit, and more importantly, the general lack of its availability.

Despite those issues, a number of large scale international class developments have already been realized including the creation of the World Trade Center, the Bucharest Mall, Plaza Romania, Bucharest Financial Plaza and the JW Grand Marriott Hotel (the only JW Marriott in Europe).

In the coming years the industry will quickly mature, and in so doing, Romanian real estate will attract an ever increasing number of high profile international investors. This will prove to be an interesting and exciting time for all.

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